Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

National retailers can suck my cock

In a browser window right now, I am ordering two portable fans from Home Depot. One is a 14-inch floor model I plan to screw to the upper wall in the football stadium press box, the other an 8-inch desk model just because it might be useful.

You'd think I could just drive to the HD over in Carmel Mountain Ranch, a lousy mile and a half from the house. But no. It's out of season for fans. Nobody has them.

National retailers pay absolutely no attention to regional variations in needs and demand. I understand that in Montana or New England, you probably don't need to buy things like fans or shorts in late September. But here in lovely San Diego, the temperature still breaks 80 degrees during the daytime inside the first ridgeline from the coast. Even outside that ridge, there's still no call for the portable heaters that have replaced all the fans on their shelves.

My God, fuck you clowns...

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