Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist


The only things that went right tonight were that both the JV and varsity beat Ramona.

Let's see...
  • I brought the wrong wall wart for the scoreboard message display interface
  • The coaches' headsets worked FINE during the JV game. Two of them failed less than two minutes before the start of the varsity game. At least one of these headsets, I paid to have FIXED at the factory following last season.
  • One of the two PA amplifiers in the stadium started buzzing, and then died completely during the varsity game, leading a couple of people to bother me to tell me they couldn't hear. I think they thought I was being rude because my responses were very short and I wouldn't make eye contact with them. (This is because I need to concentrate on the game.)
  • With the custodial staff already shorthanded due to the budget crisis, one of them is out recovering from knee surgery. This left one man to do the pre-game setup (10-yard line markers, end zone markers, visitors' headsets, press box opening and scoreboard setup.) What's usually finished before sixth period wasn't complete 'till thirty minutes prior to the JV start.
  • The field lines are being painted with too little paint. They're nearly invisible until after sunset
  • The varsity was very sloppy tonight. Thank God Ramona appears to suck this year.

But like I said, we won both games.

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