Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Today was September 11th, and once again, nothing fell down or blew up, and nobody went on a killing spree. Not that this should be any surprise. If it didn't happen last year, the likelihood that someone will "commemorate" the events of two years ago with more of the same should properly diminish over time. This year I left the weapons unloaded and locked up.

Bravo reran "Isaac And Ishmael" tonight. When I pulled up the TiVo's listing, I noticed the break from their schedule, which had them still in the first season, and "Isaac" preceded the third season premeire. It took me a second for it to click that this was entirely correct and something Bravo should be applauded for. This is the day to repeat that episode, and I hope it repeats every year on this day. And I hope when they release the third season DVD set, this is one of the eps Sorkin and the cast do commentaries on. This had to be a unique experience at the time of filming, and the intervening years must surely have generated interesting perspective for all involved.

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