Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Minor blackout

I was treated to a nice little electrical storm this afternoon. Real lightning, thunder, and some good (though not pouring) rain. One of the lightning strikes apparently tapped the substation up on Twin Peaks Road, and I lost power at 5:07pm for a little under an hour. (Lost half an hour's work finding chapter points for The Wire, as I wasn't periodically saving my editor window.)

I drove up to the high school to see what was up with basketball, having nothing else to do at home. Oddly, they had no power either. (Most of what's in between was lit, as was the commercial district south of my house along Poway Road.) But a couple of minutes after six (after all the basketball camp kids had been sent home) the silence was shaken by the scoreboards buzzing as part of their power-on self-test.

I really gotta get b5 talking to the UPS again. It gets powered, but it doesn't know when to shut down automatically. I had to do that manually (from the iBook,) so the UPS then had to be manually turned back on when I got home. *shrug*

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