Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

I was mostly unsuccessful at finding something to do here in BFE Central PA today. Slept in, drove across half of creation for lunch. Drove back. Cleaned up the car, sorted through newspapers, watched the middle half of Men In Black II on HBO. Drove fifteen miles to the only movie theater in what's probably a fifty-mile radius to catch American Wedding. Came back, stopped at Dairy Queen for a slushie.

"Love isn't just a feeling, it's shaving your balls!"

Fun, fun movie. Several scenes had me in stitches. I don't think anything was unneccessarily drawn-out. Some of the Stiffler stuff was pretty painful, but it's actually neccessary to do right by the story and character. No mention was made of Chris Klein and Tara Reid's characters absence. We must assume that they're somewhere else in the world not-scoring together and just couldn't make the wedding for good reason.

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