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How The West Was Done (Williamsport Day 6)

East Boynton Beach's Michael Broad pitched a solid game--Not outstanding, but solid--and Chandler National failed to hit. A double each from Cory Bernard and Tim Fowler (the latter of which the idiot LL official scorer called an error) and that's it. So EBB gets the winner of tomorrow night's Saugus, MA-Richmond, TX matchup on Saturday night. If they win that, Broad will be rested and eligible to throw the title game on Sunday, probably against the Japanese.

The gift shop is completely sold out of Texas T-shirts. They're running low on Florida, Massachusetts, and Delaware. But they got all the Iowa and Arizona you could want! I don't think this Arizona team drew as much support as the last two years' California teams, though I couldn't even guess at why.

There are two teenagers freaking (dancing, you idiot,) in the parking lot behind me as I write this. Actually, the girl only pops in once in a while, it's her boyfriend being the bigger fool.

Today was Wednesday. America's Most Wanted, 907 Arch St., Williamsport, PA 17701-5630 is where it's at. They don't open 'till 1 on Wednesdays so they have time to sort the UPS delivery. They seem to carry a full stock of DC and Marvel as well as the independents, no shortchanging just 'cause they're in bumfuck Egypt central Pennsylvania.

I did laundry today... the laundromat was across the street from a TRW plant. What they make there, I have no clue. So I still don't know what industry drives this town instead of timber.

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