Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

I am not my father

The "low fuel" light blinked on in Carmel Mountain today. I was just getting on 15 at the time, so I figured I'd let it wait 'till I got off in Mission Valley. That's well within range of the 2 gallons remaining.

Or not. 26 miles later, the engine dies at 70 miles an hour on westbound I-8. I hit the flashers, slide over and make the exit ramp I was headed for anyways, and coast to a stop a third of the way down it. Just past the light at the end of the ramp is a Chevron station. Dad would've made it to the pump. I had to walk a couple hundred yards to pay $10 for a one-gallon gas can.

The whole point of this exercise was to check out the Gateway Connected DVD player. My old Sony unit died this week, and as long as I was replacing it, I thought I'd see if the Gateway device was perhaps worth the extra $150 they charge for it. I still don't know.

The Carmel Mountain Gateway Country store didn't have a demo unit. The droid there said he'd be happy to order me one! (Right, fucko, I'm gonna buy an extra-expensive piece of consumer electronics without even LOOKING at it.) The Mission Valley store had two on display. The droid there was stumped why one unit didn't work... he fervently believed that the wired ethernet PCMCIA card sticking out the back was wireless. We went to look at the other one, but the droid couldn't find the remote. He went to look for it, then came back and said it wasn't working, there was a problem and they were troubleshooting it today. Oh, but there's a guy that works there that has one that can answer questions!. Ummm... no. You want my money, you show me the unit.

On the way out, I stopped to ask where their other locations were. "Carmel Mountain."
"Been there already, they're no help. Anything else in the area?"
"All over California."
"I'm not driving all over California today. There's a Best Buy across the street, thanks."

Best Buy had a nice progressive scan JVC unit that also reads Super Video CDs and all types of recordable media.

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