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Good news, bad news...

I talked to my AD at New Trier today. The good news is that the district finally approved the proposal for the job I was up for, and even better, they made it a full-time athletic position with no IT tech component.

The bad news is that this came on the heels of the new IT director declaring her department *overstaffed*. So while he was cleared to hire someone, he had to choose from one of three inside candidates, unless none of them showed any aptitude for the job. Well, one of them is already a coach (I forget whether it's in lacrosse or cross-country,) so there's the obvious qualification.

It's common practice in both institutional and corporate settings to protect people that already work for you before bringing in outside talent. So I understand the situation, and I can't argue with their logic. Nobody ever made me any promises--Bloch and I had even spoken of this sort of possibility at the very beginning. That keeps me from being pissed off about not getting the job. Of course, I'm quite disappointed. I really wanted this.

On the up-side, there is plenty to do here in Poway, for people who have always been appreciative of my work. So it's not like I'm left high and dry by the decision. I'll probably be sending resumes around town soon, as I'll fall back to my original plan of going back to work within engineering after the first of the year.

I made that phone call on the way to the stadium today, and got the return call on the train. As a result, I didn't enjoy the game very much. Didn't even get up out of my seat 'till Sosa hit his bomb in the third inning. Alou followed with a solo shot, Karros with a 2-run yack in the fifth. The Padres made a great fielding play in the seventh... Aramis Ramirez's popup to short right popped out of (RF) Brian Buchanon's glove, it should have been an easy play. But (2B) Lou Merloni caught it before it fell to the ground to make the out. First time I've ever had to award an assist on a fly out.

Does anyone know if Cubs outfielder Troy O'Leary has a cow? :-)

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