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Greatest music video evar

Right here. (Requires QuickTime.)

The Cubs succeeded again in not pissing away a lead, though they tried. I went down to grab a bite to eat between innings, watched Sosa run up a 1-2 count on the TV in the concession stand, and got back to my seat just in time to see him blow the next pitch out to center for two runs. (448' for you tape measure freaks.)

Detroit and Oakland played tonight. Eric Chavez (Oak) and Eric Munson (Det) each hit home runs. (Chavez actually hit two. Those two are childhood pals.) And Hank Blalock hit the game-winning single for Texas tonight. Nice to see the local kids doing well.

The Padres played ZZ Top's "Legs" between innings once tonight. I think this was the wrong ZZ Top choice.

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