Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Inauspicious starts

I feel pretty badly for Nate this morning. At 20, he's in his first head coaching gig, for his little brother's travel baseball team. They played, and won, their first two games this Sunday. That's an auspicious start. Those games were part of a tournament that was supposed to continue Monday at 10am. That game was postponed 'till today. It was then cancelled this morning.

Okay, the tournament director's a putz--he called last night to say it might be off, and that he'd call about 7:30 this morning with definite word. For a 9am start, parents would already be on the freeway at 7:30. He winds up calling at 5am to formally cancel. (This is after he blew the umpiring assignments for Sunday, and had no one on hand to line and groom the field they played on, and had no proper bases!) But still, these parents have rearranged their day to make this game, they're understandably upset. The coach is who they're going to bitch to. They know it's not his fault, but it still puts Nate on the spot.

I've got Cubs tickets for tonight, so I have to make the 12:30 karate class, so I still don't have time to run up to San Bernardino today. *shrug*

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