Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

AppleCare: Yes.

This came up on slashdot, but it's worth repeating here. If you buy an Apple notebook, be it an iBook, a PowerBook G4, or anything they come out with in the future, you should absolutely buy the AppleCare extended warranty for it. Desktops, it's really a matter of your own comfort. I've never had problems with my Mac desktops, and I've owned three now. But notebooks' size means the heat is confined to a smaller space, and heat's a bad thing long-term for electronic components. Your notebook is far more likely to fail someday than your desktop.

My first notebook was a PowerBook G3/233. A year after the warranty expired, it developed problems with its battery charge circuit, as well as the onboard audio. It took me three trips to CompUSA, about $900, and about four weeks total being without it before it totally worked again. They replaced all but one or two of the circuit boards inside (as well as the lower plastics as a bonus the last time around.) All of that would've been covered under AppleCare. When I eventually bought my iBook (G3/800), I paid for that with my order.

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