Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Comic Con, Day 2

My NCAA certification came through today. They contract the background checks through Lexis-Nexis, which explains that.

Anyhow... Comic Con's dealer floor expanded to fill halls A through G, leaving only H empty. E-H were added only a few years ago. This struck me as odd--there were notable absences from the floor. Marvel made a financial decision not to come to San Diego, so they weren't taking up a huge chunk of floor like usual. (Joe Quesada did come down to do a session himself, where he explained this. All their big announcements are being held up for Chicago.) There were also fewer comics dealers handling modern-day back issues. I still don't have issue 6 of Sleeper or 21 Down; this would not have been a problem in previous years. And nobody was selling airsoft guns at all. There were a bunch of dealers two or three years ago. Last year there were fewer, and they were forbidden to allow their products to be fired. Now, zero.

In the Vertigo panel this morning, it was announced that they're reviving The Books of Magic. It will be in the future, at a later point in Tim's life, and Neil Gaiman will be heavily involved on a consulting basis. (He might even co-write some scripts.) We're supposed to see some of the "dark magic battle" referred to in the original BoM series.

Neil is also doing new "Sandman" material. I suppose I should read the original stuff someday. (Prolly go on a TPB spree tomorrow...)

The "Hellblazer" movie will indeed feature Keanu Reeves as John Constantine, as an American, and be set in southern California. The DC exec moderating the panel asked us to take it with an open mind. I prefer an upraised middle finger. Admittedly, my familiarity with Constantine is limited to his crossover appearance in Books of Magic, but that's still enough to know that this is not right.

Oh, and Kevin Smith swears he'll have the Spider Man-Black Cat miniseries finished soon. Joe Q told us all to harass him about it.

Kevin's presentation tomorrow overlaps with Neil and Joe Straczynski, so I'll be skipping it.

One of the dumbrella guys was impressed with my OS X hat.

I picked up the Jay & Silent Bob Comic Con '03 shirt, the Penny Arcade Wang-Fu and Fruit Fucker 2000 shirts, and a new Real Life shirt. This RL shirt is screenprinted, Greg says he's trying to move away from Cafe Press as well as white shirts this year. He also swears I look familiar, but God only knows why.

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