Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

The UPS fairy today finally delivered "Sports Night" warez. I'm happy, doubly so since my odyssey dealing with buy.com is finished. While their prices on merchandise are okay, their shipping charges for anything faster than "strap it to the back of a drunken turtle and point it 90 degrees to port from your house" are extortionate. On top of it, the purchasing element of their web site breaks silently under all versions of Netscrape (half of all the forms don't render,) forcing you to use Internet Exploiter. In spite of all the browser-breaking Javascript, they don't bother with the one that sets the "payment method" radio button to "credit card" when you start typing a credit card number in the box.

After you've clicked "Submit" and filed your order unintentionally as to be paid by check or money order, they can't help you anymore. Cancel the order or send them a check, they can't change the payment method anymore. I would have canceled and resubmitted it, but I didn't feel safe that the system wouldn't then lose the $25 gift certificate I'd redeemed on that order.

But I do have "Sports Night"warez.

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