Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Somebody out there is making a mint...

...selling a software package that takes public records dumps and spits out form-solicitations for mortgage insurance. Over the last week, I've received a dozen of these things, due to my recent refinancing. They seem to come in three or four strains, with only subtle differences.

They also all come with postpaid reply envelopes. They're all getting their original sending envelope returned to them. (I'd include the letter itself, but I don't want any of them learning who's wasting their postage.

I finished the day ahead of the game. While one bill showed up, two checks also came. One was the partial-month refund from Cox from the cancellation of my cable modem service. When I saw the Cox return address, I thought it was a collection notice, thinking perhaps they'd fucked up and not understood why I ignored the last bill they sent me. And then, BofA sent the balance of my escrow account with them. It's not really free money, though. My loan agent kind of goofed and capitalized all my closing costs into the loan. I had planned to pay that $2000 out of pocket (not a problem since I didn't have to make a July mortgage payment.) So essentially, it's cash out of the loan, on which I'll be paying 5.75% for the next thirty years. Or sixty days, depending on whether I get that job or not.

Hockey went much better than last week. I can usually judge how strenuous something is based on how much water I have to drink. I drained the bottle on the ice last week, but I had half of it left over this week.

Baseball... I learned this weekend that perhaps I should've enrolled in Mesa (Junior) College's class. They run four days a week, rarely hit, but do a lot of fielding drills. Palomar is only two days a week and we do a lot of hitting (read, a little hitting and a lot of shagging.) Considering I got into this thing to work on my game to begin with... this is what I get for not asking Obvious Questions of people who transferred from Palomar to Mesa.

I hope Eric Goka has a frequent-patient card with his doctor, something like, you get a punch for each limb you damage, and when you get three punches you can redeem it for a free organ transplant or something. Erik fucked up his knee his senior year of high school (two years back) the first game of the football season. He spent many months gimping around in one of those full-leg Ace bandage-like contraptions. I saw him yesterday at Home Despot (where he works.) I saw him again today, sporting a new sling on his left arm that wasn't there before.

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