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Fifty years ago today, they dedicated Glenbrook North. I don't think it involved animal entrails.

They shoot the fireworks off in Poway from behind the baseball field at the high school (most folks sit in the football stadium or in the surrounding neighborhoods.) I snuck onto campus and had the whole upper quad to myself, for what may be my last Fourth here. Ah, there's nothing like the orchestra of faint radio accompaniment, the fading thunderous echos off the surrounding hills, and the cacophony of car alarms that people forgot to fucking shut off.

The garage is mostly clean. All the workbench stuff is sorted and put away (including all the screws into little drawers.) I'll take down the set of shelves on the unfinished wall in order to staple up what's left of the insulation and put up the leftover drywall tomorrow. No word yet on the job (I don't expect it 'till at least the middle of the month.)

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