Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Tomorrow morning, I'm getting up bright and early and plunking my ass in the jacuzzi. I'd do it now, except there are certainly busybodies within range of it who will bitch to the Association about it. Compression shorts work wonders for my back and hamstrings, those quit being sore there after hockey once I started wearing them. Unfortunately, they seem to only do so much for my quads, which were already worked from outfield drills at baseball this afternoon.

Right now, I'm looking at:
Monday: Baseball, hockey
Tuesday: Karate (I said I was going to take it back up, and I'm kinda bent on doing things I said I was going to do, even if I'm probably leaving in a couple of months anyways)
Wednesday: Baseball
Thursday: Karate
Friday: I need to work on this... ideally, I should be doing something every day
Saturday: Nothing firm here either
Sunday: Baseball, softball

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