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Yahoo! Can Lick My Nutsaq

I'm on several mailing lists with the piece of Yahoo! formerly known as eGroups. This neccessitates me having a Yahoo! mail account which is also bound to a couple of personal mail addresses which route directly to me (so I can post to lists from them.) It also has my mailing address and home telephone numbers, since I've ordered things from merchants who sell through store.yahoo.com.

I was informed by friends today that Yahoo changed their privacy policy this week. They have now signed everybody up for twenty-some-odd new categories of spam, even if the user had previously set the preference item declining to such offers. They've also opted everyone in for postal junk mail and intrusive telemarketing.

Yahoo provides a feedback page where you can (and should) give them a piece of your mind. This is what I wrote to them:

"I see that with your new changes to the privacy policy, you opted everyone in for all sorts of spam, ignoring previously-set preferences that we didn't care to receive it. This change sucks ass.

But it gets worse. You signed us all up to receive paper junk mail, and even TELEMARKETING. For this, I pray for you all.

I don't pray that you receive some kind of divine enligtenment, and mend your ways. No, we're long, long past that. I pray that every last one of you contracts some horrible, slow-acting, flesh-eating bacteria which releases psychotropic toxins into your bloodstream that both compel you to watch reruns of "Thirtysomething" and give you explosive diarrhea.

If the Almighty is unwilling to grant you that on my behalf (this *is* Easter weekend, after all) I pray that He will at least see to it that you are all hit by a bus. Because you are all now, officially, Very Bad People."

They won't start sending spam for 60 days, so you have that long to opt back out of all this shit.

Man, I thought Yahoo was bad when they bought out eGroups and fucked over my friends who worked there by either laying them off, giving them lowball offers to stay on, or changing their jobs and responsibilities to something shitty...

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