Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Went to RAM in Wheeling last night with Hoos, Weiss, and Joe. Wound up at Weiss and Joe's afterwards to watch "Family Business". That show's too funny... a family, in the porn business?!!? I could never imagine having noisy, raunchy sex in front of my mother (let alone in front of a camera to begin with.)

When that was over, we caught Dennis Miller in "Bordello of Blood". Now I understand why Dennis occasionally ripped it on his talk show (usually using it as a comparison to something else,) it really is that bad. Terrible story, horrible dialogue (except for occasional Miller gems, which are way too literate for this film,) and criminal abuse of cheap, cheesy special effects.

Suddenly, I noticed that it was nearly 1 AM, and I'd totally forgotten to be at a bookstore at midnight. Weiss and I hustled over to the Randhurst Borders, whose Harry Potter sale was in full swing. They had a nice operation going... everyone was given a numbered ticket, they would incrementally call ranges of tickets to stand in line to make their purchases, while the rest of us were free to browse the rest of the store. We arrived about 12:50, my receipt is timestamped 2:14. I wasn't able to resist starting it when I got home, and so far, the first few chapters are pretty damned good. Somebody insists in his AIM away message that "harry potter is gay! GAY GAY GAY!!!" I guess most of us don't care to be straight this weekend. :P

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