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*sigh* I got dragged into playing softball. A bunch of the graduating Poway seniors, many of whom I know from baseball, football, and basketball, formed a team in the Poway Sportspark league. I go up to watch, and people insist, incessantly, that I must play. We are the Chainsaw Sex Vikings ("Master Batters" wasn't kosher with management.) They lost pretty badly last week, but they weren't familiar with rules or conventions yet. The ball throws differently than a baseball, blasts hurt more than they help, line drives and hard ground balls are much more effective. And you have to resist the instinct to lead off.

This week, we won 12-6. It was fun... the opponents both weeks commented on how they were impressed by our attitude. We're pretty loud, pretty competitive, but we still obviously have a lot of fun with it. (Jason Relyea rubs himself with dirt before stepping into the batter's box.)

Compared to other teams, I think we stand out... a lot of these guys have at least JV experience on Poway's baseball team, so we do a lot in terms of coverage, throwing, and backing up automatically. The smaller field lets Alex Barber cover most of the outfield, sometimes cutting across other outfielders' paths--if they don't call him off, he doesn't even know they're there. If a ball's hit to the other side of the outfield, I'm automatically sprinting in to back up a base. And Stu Pollock is positively fucking deadly at short. We have to be careful who plays first, that they can handle the rocket throws from him. He's already turned a bunch of 6-3 double plays. Hits that other teams would only get one or two bases become triples or inside-the-park homers for us sometimes, if Relyea, Barber, or Zach Tibbs gets a piece of something.

Only problem is the nitwit management forbids metal cleats. Pussies.

As for baseball today, I went 2-for-3, had a caught fly ball pop out of my glove (but we got that guy in a rundown at third,) and we pissed away a 5-4 lead in the bottom of the 8th to lose 7-5. The Renegades pulled one out too... after Ryan King beaned a batter in the left eyebrow (the welt was at least a half inch thick,) they ran up a decent lead. It got chipped away, and then Shandy Coffman gave it up on his first pitch in relief to the leadoff batter in the top of the 9th. (The old man coaching the team, who subbed for the injured hitter, crushed one out to left.) They won on a couple of hits in the bottom of the 9th, but we're giving Shandy shit for stealing the win.

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