Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Transcoding progress...

I've got about 8 hours of "24" transcoded to DiVx 4. It's been fairly smooth... occasionally tyStudio hiccups trying to close a group of frames, which means I have to move an edit point and start the extraction over again. mencoder does the DiVx translation very smoothly. I'm not even bothering with the Cocoa GUI for it, I just tossed the working command line into a shell script. Both processes are the CPU hogs I thought they'd be. The DiVx encoding eats 40% of CPU. Forget running two at once, they fight for disk. Single encodes might be significantly faster if I wrote the output to something other than the source disk, dunno if it'll need to be on the other IDE bus, but it's something to try on the next episode. The output's right about 300 MB. The symmetry here is beautiful--at 300 MB an hour, two hour-long DiVx episodes fit a single CD, while at 2 GB an hour, the same two episodes as MPEG-2 fit a single DVD.

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