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I learned this weekend that David Westerfield and Scott Peterson both lived (at different times) in the same neighborhood in Poway. Wonder if there's something in the water up there?

The big winner in this year's Cannes film festival is Gus Van Sant's Elephant, another look at the whole school shooting fiasco-fest. He shot it in Portland (two hours' drive from Springfield,) using unknowns, using significant amounts of improv. (There's bits of commentary about it from people in it over in damnportlanders.) I'm curious to see it, given my interest in those events. The first criticism that landed in IMDB was very uncomplimentary. Maybe it's accurate (by all reports, this year's Cannes crop sucked ass,) maybe it's not. Reminds me, I still haven't seen Bowling For Columbine yet either...

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