Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Warren Buffet owns. People who read this and still support the Shrub administration ought to remove themselves from the gene pool.

Back from about four days in Vegas. Holly's 21st birthday fell at the end of the semester, so there wasn't much time to celebrate it. Instead, us four kids got together after her last final, flying in from the four corners of the country (except me, I drove.) I finished up a little under $80... I didn't play anything except the rare slot machine. I threw $20 in a dollar slot at Harrah's while the girls were playing roulette, and hit a $100 combination on the last two bucks. We spent a lot of time just lounging by the pool. Between that and the hectic pace I've been keeping up at home, I was just too mentally drained to play table games. I was content just to hang out with my sisters, who I only get to see all at once for a couple of days around Christmas.

The steak at New York New York was wonderful, as was the pizza at the Italian place in the Venetian shopping mall. Very thin crust, almost like a cracker at the edge, but soft and moist towards the middle.

I find I miss some elements of Vegas most of the time--because I go there with a bunch of similarly-minded techies, almost entirely guys, and the occasional girlfriends brought along tend not to dress in ways that grab people's attention. That group neither makes nor attracts loud boorish comments. Try walking a block with my sisters dressed for a night out. This is when I start wishing I had my Nevada CCW permit. Some people are so creepily classless you really have to wonder if they have any limitations at all. I'm probably overreacting there, but I'm entitled to. So there.

I left almost straightaway after Saturday's doubleheader, and went directly to this afternoon's game on the way back. Poway's won six in a row now, with one game left. We'll see if we make the playoffs...

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