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This shit is fucked up.

The pre-Prom-week powderpuff football game is decades old. (And was banned even before my tenure.) I knew of it vaguely, but I was so far from cool I was never invited or told about it, so I never went. I knew it was an excuse for people to get drunk, but not that there was any kind of hazing going on. I'm told people expected the junior girls present to be degraded--messed up, stuff tossed on them. But it wasn't supposed to be brutally violent as it appears to have been.

What I don't get is how people just stood by and watched. Even drunk, you would think that people would still reach a point where they'd seen enough, it had gone out of hand, and they would intervene. But with possibly one exception, no one did. They just stood by and watched.

I know a few people feel badly about it now, and wish they'd never gone. But how do you let it happen in the first place?

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