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Saturday I helped Dan and Eric move into their new house. I drove over to the U-Haul depot when they dropped off their truck, and in parking the car, backed it into a low retaining wall. I assumed I'd nailed the bumper, but a quick look showed no damage. It turns out I had compressed the exhaust train. The tailpipe struck the wall straight on, pushing the muffler forward a couple of inches. The exhaust pipes bend around laterally to reach the engine, so they compressed as if you squeezed an open paper clip.

Fortunately, it's easily fixed, just not by the dealer--they are only equipped to replace parts, not to repair them. Saturn of Escondido was kind enough not to charge me to point out the damage and to recommend a couple of muffler and pipe outfits that were suited to do the job. *sigh* As if I don't have enough to do this week, but at least this shouldn't be too expensive.

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