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Random rants

  • It seems spammers are getting wise to the workings of spam filters like spamassassin. I'm seeing more and more messages in the spamtrap spool with misspelled keywords. "c0ck", "VI@GR@", and the like.

  • Parents of teenage children are pretty dumb, but for that matter, so are the cell carriers. This week's episode of Third Watch reminds me of a common complaint I hear from parents around the high school, that they can't control their kids' abuse of their cell phones, because they can't take them away for safety concerns. The Qualcomm/Kyocera can't be the only company that includes a dial restriction security feature on their products. Turn it on and secure it with the keypad lock code, and the phone only dials 911 and the numbers in its phone book. You can't restrict incoming calls, but limiting the outgoing ones to home, school, mom and dad's office and cell phones, AAA, and 911 should cut problems in half.

  • Speakeasy called this morning to follow-up on the searches I've been doing on their web site. The caller ID actually showed the 800 number to reach them at.

    I originally planned to jump to DSL to cut my broadband bill back down. I had been paying $40/month for Cox@Home back in the day, until they killed inbound SMTP and WWW service for residential customers, while I was out of town. Since I needed service turned back on Right Now, I had to jump to their $100/month business offering, which (unbeknownst to me) had a 1-year commitment tagged to it.

    Since the shakeout last year in the DSL market, the only useful DSL packages out there won't save me more than $10 or $20/month. But for the same money I'm paying now, Speakeasy will include another IP, a shell account on their system (useful for diagnostics) and a nationwide dialup account (useful for Palm and travel use.) And they're known to be Clueful and reliable. I see this as a Win, and I'm happy to give more money to people that use it well, than less money to people who haven't a clue. (As an example, Time-Warner dismisses complaints about its e-mail services with "E-mail service is for entertainment purposes only".)

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