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Holy mother fuck...

Say what you like about Attorney General John Ashcroft (and I do say a lot, I rank him right down there with Edwin Meese,) but the fucker's got something right. He issued a memo to federal prosecuters affirming that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to own firearms, as opposed to the "collective" or "militia" right declared by the Supreme Court in the 1939 US v. Miller decision. This week, Solicitor General Ted Olson filed briefs in two Supreme Court cases (Emerson v. US and Haney v. US) in line with the individual-right perspective.

The gun-control crowd is understandably pissed off. They were more than happy to have an administration for eight years that bowed to their rhetoric and passed one after another useless law. And now the bogus foundation for all those laws is finally being threatened. Nothing's guaranteed--the court has a long history of having a mind of its own, which is a good thing in the big picture. But truly, there is no language in the Second Amendment that sets it apart from the other nine in the Bill Of Rights, that support the "collective right" view, at all.

Like I said, I don't like Ashcroft, or the rest of the Shrub administration, for that matter. They're a bunch of bigoted good-old-boys who wear their faith on their sleeves and would have it imprinted on everyone else's sleeves too. But I suppose that it's rare that a person is totally evil...

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