Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

So I finally made it to my first homeowners' association meeting (the annual meeting, no less.) Out of 240 units, only 125 owners bothered to send in proxy ballots--and 120 are required to establish a quorum to validate the annual meeting. The ballots were sent out with a prepaid response envelope! Five people besides me showed up (and I was late.) The meeting itself was unremarkable. But jeez, one of the other residents...

Garbage day is Wednesday. There's two cans to put out, and two trucks to dump them, one for trash and one for recycling. The trucks come through between noon and 3 or 4pm, pretty regularly. The association rules on the cans is that they can't be put out any earlier than 5pm on Tuesday evening, and they must be brought in before 8am on Thursday morning. The board president drives the complex looking for violators, but doesn't get to it 'till after noon on Thursday.

One of the other residents was in to complain because she's been fined several times for not bringing her cans in on time. She cries that the fines now totaling $100 are too much to bear for an unemployed single mother of two. Okay, that I can buy. What I don't get is her excuse that she can't find five minutes within that sixteen hours between collection and the 8am deadline (or twenty hours if you stretch it all the way to the noon-ish inspection) to bring the cans in--because of the two kids.

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