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SBC == Retards

A few months ago, the phone bill showed up (accompanied by a TV ad campaign) announcing that Pacific Bell would henceforth be known as "SBC Pacific Bell". (Why? 'Cause SBC (née Southwestern Bell Corporation) bought out Pacific Telesis, PacBell's parent company.) I thought, "This is lame, they're just gonna drop the "Pacific Bell" part of the name in a few months. Who gives enough of a shit about the name of the phone company to need this kind of transition period?"

The phone bill came today, loudly proclaiming that SBC Pacific Bell would now be known simply as SBC. I haven't seen TV ads yet, but trust me, they're coming. They ran such ads when I was home in Chicago over Christmas, when they retired the Ameritech name from "SBC Ameritech". And of course, I remember the days before Ameritech went all parent-company-brand-conscious and slapped its name over the original Illinois Bell moniker.

So from the Carolinas to Ohio to California, you've got the same name and the same shitty service. The techs will still know their jobs (the phone companies would die if their front-line troops weren't the top-qualified people they are and always have been,) but the droids you talk to on the phone will get progressively worse.

I paid the bill, of course. The check is written to Pacific Bell.

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