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Show Us Your Thong!

Apparently, this story's hit the national news now. One of the other high schools in our district had a dance last Friday, during which an assistant principal was conducting public underwear checks. Her story is she was trying to enforce, quite overzealously, a freeball-and-thong ban brought on by a girl flashing her classmates at the same event last year. This is probably the most egregious abuse of power by a school administrator I've heard of in a long time. You know you're doing something wrong when the cops think a search is bad.

What disturbs me more than the systematic thong checks is the account from RB's student council president--he approached a teacher to intervene, and that teacher refused. Why'd they refuse? Were they afraid of retribution? Did they not care? Did they support the searches? Any of these is objectionable, the last two ought to draw some reprimand for the teacher.

I'm told that Ms. Wilson has been placed on administrative leave pending the district's internal investigation. The best suggestion I heard today was that she should publically apologize during the morning announcements, and resign. If she refuses to resign, and the district does anything short of fire her, I say the students ought to protest. Pick the next Friday, everyone leaves their skivvies at home. Call it "Freeball Friday". >:-) (The saggers will have to hike their pants up for a day, but they should survive.)

*sigh* We almost beat those fuckers today. Poway was up 5-3 until Jake Blalock (younger brother of Texas Rangers rookie third baseman Hank) plastered a three-run shot in the bottom of the sixth. Poway's starter today is a junior who hasn't seen much action this year, so he really did an outstanding job. We close the season against them in two weeks, at home...

Sosa had two sweet blasts tonight, accounting for all three of the Cubs' runs, but it wasn't enough, again. We'll see what they do tomorrow...

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