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Science Class Blowjob == 9/11 Attacks?!

They busted an 8th grader in Michigan for getting a blowjob from a classmate under a science classroom lab table.

The district, in a letter to parents about the incident, compared the shock of the discovery to the September 11th attacks:
"Just like our country was shocked into awareness when, never-before acts of terrorism occurred in New York City, our district was shocked into awareness when middle school students engaged in indecent acts in the classroom"

That's absurd. My sophomore year of high school ('89-'90,) I ran across a copy of the faculty newsletter at Glenbrook North. On the back was copied an article that one of the deans found in a professional magazine, recounting a case where several 7th and 8th grade students were caught having sex in a junior high school stairwell. And I didn't even think that was big news then. (Okay, I was jealous 'cause I didn't get any stairwell nookie at Wood Oaks.) It's certainly not shocking news now.

"Have you noticed that people are still having sex?
All the denouncement had absolutely no effect."

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