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20 Pounds of Raw, Unrefined Awesome - Jason Lindquist
Idle ramblings of an idle mind
20 Pounds of Raw, Unrefined Awesome
A letter to the editor of Stars And Stripes:

Let’s get on the same page here: No one needs your approval for what they do behind closed doors. This change in ["don’t ask, don’t tell"] policy is going to happen and everyone has to accept it. This ignorance that seems to be the social norm needs to be squashed ASAP.

When they change the policy, it needs to be one of the protected [categories] under equal opportunity, and there needs to be a zero-tolerance policy handed down. There need to be classes that basically say: This is the new policy, and whether everyone likes it or not, that’s what was handed down.

What I’ve realized is, these people who are against the repeal don’t see homosexuals as equals. They are the same people who don’t see women as equals. They are, to be blunt, sexist. They cannot stand the thought of a homosexual being able to do the same, exact job as they do, and sometimes even better.

Another big thing is, people are afraid of being an object of sexual desire for someone. Insecurities. But they didn’t think about that when they were looking at a woman at work up and down and talking about her. Now, the roles are reversed, and they don’t like it. You think a woman would like the things you are saying, degrading her to [the level of] a piece of meat?

And let’s get something out the way: If you have never maxed your Physical Training test, do not have abs of steel and are over 30, chances are you are not meeting the standards of most homosexual servicemembers. So don’t flatter yourself: If you couldn’t pick up that woman at the club last week, you think that servicemember wants you?

-- Specialist Vaughn Rush
FOB Warrior, Iraq

It'll take a little while yet, but we're going to be okay.

"You know what? It did disrupt the unit. The unit got over it. The unit changed. I'm an Admiral in the U.S. Navy and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Beat that with a stick."

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