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In Washington, they called it "Snowpocalypse" - Jason Lindquist
Idle ramblings of an idle mind
In Washington, they called it "Snowpocalypse"
In Chicago, we called it "Tuesday".

I think the only City trucks I have seen that lack the hardware to attach a snowplow blade are the garbage trucks. Come November, those blades are ready to go. When Tom Skilling says it's coming, those trucks are loaded with salt, staffed, and strategically staged. They roll when the snow begins to fall, and they don't stop until the roads clear. In heavy snowfall, the side streets may be skipped, but it's only a temporary measure to keep the arterial streets clear. The counties and state highway departments operate the same way. Snow may slow us down a little, but we never let it stop us. It probably costs us a ton of money in overtime pay, but that more than pays for itself in preserved productivity. We won't tolerate less. Failure is left as an exercise to the reader. "Michael Bilandic" is your search term.

Some people just never learn. "You won't see bare pavement for at least three weeks - and that's if we don't get another snow next week." It's not like Virginia never gets snow. Yet they're underequipped, and I bet undertrained. Send some of your people to Boston or New York this summer. Find out how the pros form their strategies, and how they equip. Then do the same.

with snow falling so fast and deep Washington pulled its plows from the road. A quarter were knocked out of commission entirely by the struggle of trying to move so much snow off the streets.

You're doing it wrong.
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