Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Odd dream... I was driving home, I passed the Citgo station on Dundee and Pfingsten, and somehow, there was a UPS-painted 737 pulled up to one of the pumps. My thought at the time was, "That station doesn't sell diesel, I'm surprised they sell Jet-A."

Cleaning out the spamtrap mail spool today, I saw an ad for "glistening MAN MEAT". Not being a gay man, I guess I fail to see the added enticement if something glistens. Perhaps the gay community is especially attuned to the wisdom of Zippy the Pinhead:

- if it GLISTENS, gobble it!!   
                                -- Zippy the Pinhead

Searching zippy.src for occurrences of "glisten", I noticed that perhaps vi should be the editor of choice for the gay community? After all, when a search wraps around the end of the file, it says "search hit BOTTOM, continuing at TOP".

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