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What's next? - Jason Lindquist
Idle ramblings of an idle mind
What's next?
Well, what's next is basketball season, which will hopefully be better.

Football ended last night, with a mostly-ignominious 27-13 loss to Rancho Bernardo. Terry predicted a 28-10 finish, he wasn't far off. It was 10-3 at half, on a last-minute RB touchdown. We were capable of making it a game, even winning it, but we were completely incapable of finishing anything. Their field goal came off Nick fumbling and losing the ball trying to grip it for a sure-fire TD pass to a receiver RB's defense just ignored in the end zone. We let them take the third quarter 14-0, letting one of their running backs go up the middle again and again. We gave up one more with just under 2 minutes to go, but it was long since over.

We put Colton in, our previous starting QB, for the last drive. One of our third-string receivers caught his first pass all year, and it set up Colton to hit Brett for one last score with 30 seconds to go. At least they get one good memory to walk out on. I wish we had more for the seniors, with few exception they're a good group of kids. But we just didn't have the bodies for it this year.

But the JV won 40-20, and the frosh killed them Thursday 41-0, so at least we've got a future...
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