Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

A long-delayed first for Northbrook

McDonald's finally got permission to open the first drive-through restaurant in Northbrook. It'll be on Skokie Boulevard. They proposed one for Dundee between Hazelwood and Anthony Trail, but the Village rejected leveling those houses in favor of a commercial development.

No shit, we really never had one before. For that matter, we didn't have much in the way of chain restaurants to begin with. There was the McDonald's in Sanders Court (closed several years ago--after the Village shot down its attempt to add a drive-thru in the parking lot.) The Brown's Chicken in White Plains came in the late 80s. There was a KFC on Dundee and Waukegan for a long while. The Subway on Dundee and Pfingsten came a little after that (as well as one on Shermer, next to Mario's.) Dairy Queen has been on the other corner for thirty years or so, and I suppose it kind of counts, though most of their business is ice cream. (We had two Baskin-Robbins.) Everything else was an individual business or small local chain. Really, we were not poor deprived children, either.

The drive-thru-less McDonald's in Plaza Del Prado? That's technically Glenview. The McDonald's WITH the drive-thru on Waukegan is in Deerfield. The nearest Burger Kings were in Highland Park and Glenview.

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