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This is Car 55... we're in a truck! - Jason Lindquist
Idle ramblings of an idle mind
This is Car 55... we're in a truck!
I forget who forwarded the link last week, but someone's assembled a GMap of all the filming locations used in The Blues Brothers. The bit where the cruiser carrying Troopers Daniel, Mount, and John Candy's character flies into the box of a semi truck? That was filmed on IL-53 just north of Dundee Road, a half-mile dead-end segment closed to traffic. I always thought it looked familiar, but assumed it was closer to the site on Rand Road where the State Police pile-up was shot (near IL-176, as it turns out,) which I'd passed on several occasions on day camp trips to Sunny Hill Beach in Wauconda (one of the concert announcement scenes.) Nope, it was a spot I passed much more frequently when we headed for Woodfield.
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