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Funkiest airport I've ever seen - Jason Lindquist
Idle ramblings of an idle mind
Funkiest airport I've ever seen
SOMEBODY made some lousy assumptions about military flight protocols on IRC today, prompting a discussion. The President spoke at Camp Lejeune this morning, which lacks a runway. So we were speculating where he'd fly AF1 into before transferring to Marine One. New River's (KCNA) runways are too short. I saw Cherry Point MCAS (KNKT) on the sectional map, and it's got the goofiest runway configuration I've ever seen. It almost looks like two long crossing runways. It isn't. It's four short runways arranged in sort of a cross formation... they make two sets of parallel, non-crossing runways. They're too close together to operate either pair simultaneously. It looks like there was a third pair once, but they were converted to VSTOL/helicopter landing pads.
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