Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

So far, so good

My flight home is scheduled to leave at 9:35... and so the board says, that hasn't changed. Nonetheless, I got to Lindbergh about quarter after 6, leaving myself a comfortable margin to deal with security and Problems that may arise. Checked my bags at the curb, no waiting but $40 to AA (*grumble*,) breezed through security, and found a plane already sitting at my gate.

I definitely picked the right time to get here. Two people in line at the Terminal 2 McDonald's at 6:30. Now the line is about 15-20 people.

I'm gonna find a spot by my gate and snooze. If you're near a TV, ABC has Eric Horng (GBN '93) out in the snow, he'll probably show up on Good Morning America. He hasn't admitted to pulling out the goofy facemask yet. It's 32 degrees at O'Hare, 34 at Midway, 49 at Lindbergh Field! Requests, dedications, verbal abuse, (847) 272-I-BLOW, that's (847) 272-4256

[Edit 9:10am PST] American is now posting a 25-minute departure delay. That should say to me "we're increasing spacing of landing flights in Chicago"--the announcement is just being made that it's for air traffic control reasons in Chicago. But we'll arrive only two minutes late, she's citing a heavy tailwind. (I guess we'd arrive half an hour early otherwise?) 34 degrees at O'Hare, the light rain mist is now a light snow mist. The radar image shows the big green splotch has moved east, and little of it remains over the city. Ooookay.

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