Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

The PPR starts *now*...

One of San Diego's treasures runs in the fall on Friday nights on KUSI-TV. The Prep Pigskin Report is an hour-long wrapup of every high school football game played in the county. There's 95 teams in the section (which includes a few Imperial County schools) that play football, and most of them play on Friday night, totaling about 30-40 games. This was its tenth year, and with its move to 10:30pm, they logged their best ratings and ad revenue ever. They show taped highlights of every game played. Four designated games of the week get a microwave remote truck and crew, and all the rest are covered by roving 2- or 3-man crews that go from site to site getting one to three quarters' worth of tape.

PPR's Paul Rudy gets it exactly right about the size of the San Diego market being a sweet spot for pulling this off:
He said he thought San Diego was the perfect-sized market for a show like “PPR” because it's “big enough where you can make money and small enough where you can do the entire county and make a town of 3 million feel like Mayberry on a Friday night.”
The county is about 2.5 million, but the sentiment is still right. A while back, I said this was a pretty neat thing, but it would never work the same back home in Chicago. There's too many games, you'd only have the manpower to show highlights from a fraction of them. While I was at Illinois, I was intrigued that the local TV stations would cover the high school games and show clips from a couple of them. But down there, they're way too spread out to get everybody, even if you had the staff. Right here, it works.

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