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It's baseball season again. We got killed, about 20-1 today. Almost nobody on this team has played in the last couple of years, and certainly nobody had pitched. We lost track of the score, since we had no one to keep the scorebook. We only knew we were down 8-1 at the start of the 6th inning, then gave up a metric assload of runs, and got none of them back.

I went 0-for-3. Struck out looking (been a while since I've seen a curveball, takes me a little while to get used to judging them again,) flew out to center (See above,) and reached on a fielder's choice. The FC annoys me the most. When the pitcher looks like he's at least 60, maybe even 70, you shouldn't be hitting ground balls to the shortstop. But I got impatient and swung too early... they get the runner going to second, and I beat the throw (which was errant anyways) to first.

This team seems like a good group. The guy that didn't get to bed 'till 4am (before a 9am game) worked 'till 3:30. It's nice not playing with a bunch of Saturday night drunks. It might be a long season, but I'll enjoy it.

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