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What hath George W. Bush wrought?

For those of you not paying attention, shit like this:
[Insurgents] showed up at his house one night in 2005. While some stood guard outside, four masked men herded the entire family into a back room and demanded that he hand over the keys to his vehicles. He refused to surrender his livelihood in spite of their threats.

Then they shot his 12-year-old daughter, Sarah.

Naser handed over the keys, then covered his daughter's body with a cloth so the children would not see the blood.

"They saw that man shoot their sister," he says, nodding toward three of his children. "Their mother up to now can't forget that image of how they shot her daughter. She always has a nightmare about it, sometimes crying a lot."

Naser said he recognized some of the men, and they ordered him to move away or they would return to kill the whole family.

If something like that happened to your family, do you think you might be pissed enough to chuck a shoe at the foreign leader responsible for creating that environment?

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