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You didn't hear it here first

Chainsaw made an excellent point on the radio this morning: Norv Turner's days with the Chargers are numbered. Expect him to be fired as soon as the NFL regular season is over. To wit:

In January 2007, the Chargers offered Marty Schottenheimer a one-year contract extension (for 2008, which he declined) and publically declared he'd be back for the '07 season. Three and a half weeks later, they fired him.

Last month, San Diego State athletic director Jeff Schemmel voiced the institution's support for head football coach Chuck Long. Today, they fired him.

Last week, Chargers general manager AJ Smith proclaimed the continued employment of current head coach Norv Turner. Don't you believe it.

You may refer to gestures of support that are quickly reneged upon as a "San Diego Vote Of Confidence"

What's even funnier about this is SDSU had to hit up rich donors to buy out Long's contract, on top of an 84% increase in student fees purely to fund athletics ($190 up to $350, way worse than the $70/year fee UIUC fucked its students with just after I graduated.) And they're going to spend money on a search firm to find a new coach. They've done this before--$35K to find Schemmel as AD, and $30K to find Long, who wasn't exactly hiding on Oklahoma's sideline.

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