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It's raining, we're voting - Jason Lindquist
Idle ramblings of an idle mind
It's raining, we're voting
It's raining in San Diego. Once I'm dressed, I'm walking down to the Elks Lodge on Poway Road, where my (and several other) polling precints are located.

If you don't follow them, political_macro and lolobama are particularly busy today. They're good for lulz.

Don't forget, Jon and Stephen are doing a live national show tonight, 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific. No tape delay. Keep an eye on WGN while you watch returns, they're likely to be the best source for scenes from the rally in Grant Park. You might also check in on ABC, one of my pitchers, Eric Horng, (Glenbrook North '93, UIUC '97) is covering the festivities.

IF YOU ARE GOING TO THE RALLY, and you see Eric, PLEASE point at him with both fingers, smile, and shout "I RUV THAT GUY!" in your worst stereotypical Asian immigrant accent. It's a reference to a variety show skit in high school, he'll get the reference. ("RUV" rhymes with "LOVE")
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