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The following groups can fuck themselves

First, the Windows users amongst the TiVo hacking crowd. Yes, this comprises most of the current active TiVo hackers. It doesn't bug me so much that you run Windows. Really, it doesn't. What sucks about you all is that none of you can manage information! Is it too much to ask for each one of you working to maintain a web page with current summaries of your work or links to downloads? (Even if it's a boring page you cobble together in Notepad?) Instead, you make us all trudge through web forum discussion threads. "Oh, everything important is in the sticky topic at the top!" you say. If it's not, it's in one of the other sticky topics. Fuck you again. That's like someone asking you directions to the post office, and you hand them a six-inch thick file folder full of scribbled notes, shopping lists, and six months of newspaper clippings, with a couple of maps buried somewhere in the cruft. You fucking 'tards make it take half an hour to find the answer to a simple question. Half that information isn't current anymore, and the rest contradicts itself or just lies. And none of you can post a link to where to get the software you suggest, or source for the binaries you provide. "Oh, it's out there, I just don't want to look it up." Fuck you, you lazy assbandit.

Special thanks to guy that posted the page on extracting to OS X. You tried, even if your method for extracting a stream corrupts it, your binary for converting it to an MPEG segfaults, and you couldn't link to sources for sendstream or tyc. At least you had everything in one place, and once I just used the MFSStream module for TiVoWeb to extract streams, that tyc binary produced a usable MPEG-2 file.

Second, a big wet "Fuck You" to the OS X development crowd decended from the Red Hat and Debian lusers. Great, somebody started porting the mjpegtools package I need for mplex. But it's only available through fink. How about a link to a tarball with a README inside that lists the dependencies? No. Instead I have to install somebody else's be-all-end-all of package management, which makes it wonderfully convenient and easy to install software and chase dependencies if the package is in the stable release tree. If not, well fuck you pal. You get to do it from the command line, which bails every time it fails to find another dependency on the unstable tree, completely defeating the purpose of your wonderful "easy-to-use" package manager.

And a little "Fuck You" to Apple for again failing to fix the damned problem with backgrounded processes. If I 'fg' a suspended su shell, the terminal window kills itself.

But at least I got something working, entirely under OS X. It's not perfect (you can see the data stream in the Vertical Blanking Interval flashing by) but it works.

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