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Look! It's That One! - Jason Lindquist
Idle ramblings of an idle mind
Look! It's That One!
Holly got to see Obama in Fort Collins yesterday. I missed my chance in Las Vegas Saturday, I found out too late to get there. (Well, I could've flown, but I'm not insane enough to zip down to Lindbergh and catch a standby SWA flight. Hopefully there will be another campaign.)

[Edit 3:53pm] She says the lines to get into the oval were literally two miles long. I'll also note that as some of the kids I've coached have turned 18 in the last few months, they've each acknowledged they registered to vote. Whether they will is something I'll nag them about Tuesday. Who they vote for is, really, a minor issue. (That I can rag them about later if neccessary :P )
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