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Lucky kid - Jason Lindquist
Idle ramblings of an idle mind
Lucky kid
Notre Dame only suspended Will Yeatman for the rest of the football season. I'm surprised they didn't dismiss him from the team. He did, after all, get caught violating the terms of his court diversion program from his January DUI charge. No word on whether they'll let him play lacrosse in the spring.

You'll note down the page that his dad is whining. To Dennis, it "appears to be a disproportionate penalty for a college student." Well, for a college student with a clean record, you might be right. But your boy fucked up big, pal, and he's lucky he didn't kill anybody. He doesn't get leeway in judgement anymore, not where alcohol is concerned.

If I were really an asshole, I'd drop a box of kleenex by their house.
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