Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Boy, they know how to drink at RB...

Currently. But at least he didn't kill anybody like his teammate did. (Will Yeatman and Richard Caldwell are both RB '07 grads.) "False informing" sounds like "gave the cop a fake name" or "told the cop you didn't have ID, which they found when they hooked you up on the underage consumption charge". My gut feeling says he's done at Notre Dame.

Not that we're all innocent over here in Poway. I'm just not aware of any of our high-profile college athletes being dumb enough to get caught while on probation for a previous conviction/diversion.

On a side note, the City of Poway is planning to install a wide concrete median through the curvy section of Valle Verde Rd. where the Caldwell crash happened, as well as "pincher" curbs. I can't find a story online at the moment, but I've seen it in print. I think there will also be a stop sign at the Solara intersection. Hopefully that's enough to deter idiots from doing 70 miles an hour down that hill.

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