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Feeding the patronage machine - Jason Lindquist
Idle ramblings of an idle mind
Feeding the patronage machine
Cities looking for money commonly soak travelers. It's nothing new, you pay it in airline ticket taxes, hotel and car rentals. San Diego slaps a 10% tax on top of the state sales tax, and that's what's paying off Petco Park. (Instead of public safety agencies, which needed that money far more than the Padres needed to not-pay for a new stadium... *grumble*) But Jesus, does Chicago fuck you over now. I wonder how badly they rate compared to other major cities. For Weiss's wedding, I'm renting a car from Budget, whose lot is off-site, and the taxes and surcharges are 31%. Avis has an on-site lot, their taxes added up to 50%.

After all, we gotta fund Richie's patronage army and Toddler's family!
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