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Nobody Likes Ike - Jason Lindquist
Idle ramblings of an idle mind
Nobody Likes Ike
Jeff Masters of Weather Underground says that, though Hurricane Ike is presently a Category 2 storm (possibly reaching Cat 3 by landfall late tonight,) the storm is of such large diameter that its storm surge (the additional water it pushes ahead of it) is equivalent to that of a Category 5 storm. If you paid close attention, New Orleans was not damaged much by Hurricane Katrina in '05 directly, as the eye of the storm passed well to the east. It was the massive storm surge that inundated the area. Galveston will likely get hit with both.

tambreet just referred to a headline stating that Galveston residents who do not evacuate "may face certain death". He suggests alternatively that they will certainly face possible death. A diarist on dKos quotes a NWS definitions of coastal flooding impacts of "high impact" which says stay-behinds "will face certain death".

So the official word from the United States Government to residents of Galveston, TX and coastal communities within 150 miles in either direction is GTFO OR DIE.

And needless to say, POOL'S CLOSED
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