Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

820, 427, 152

These are not the numbers to a new computer on Lost.

These are the number of bills Barack Obama has sponsored in the Illinois Senate, sponsored in the US Senate, and authored in the US senate.

If you search the Library of Congress's records for this session of Congress, the sponsorship numbers for Obama vs. McCain are 129-38. And remember, McCain has not cast a vote in the Senate since April 8th.

There's links to the sources in the dKos diary, including a NYT graphic summarizing and highlighting his Illinois Senate record. Health care. Job training. Juvenile justice. Racial profiling. Ethics reforms. It's a start... I'd still love to see a breakdown of sponsored, wrote, passed the Senate, and final disposition (tabled in the House, vetoed by the Governor/President.) I'd like to see those numbers for all the candidates, and highlights of what they championed.

So the lot of you that were shouting "zero" during the RNC last week? You can all eat a dick. Have a nice day.

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